As a SAFETY KAYAK CAPTAIN you have an important role, and we truly thank you for volunteering!


  • Volunteer for the whole day of the event from 7:30am-3:00pm — THIS IS A MUST!
  • Attend pre-event meeting at Oregon City Brewing on September 5th at 6:30pm (food provided)
  • Bring own hard shell kayak, gear (PFD, paddle, helmet, throw rope, whistle) and shuttle yourself
  • Have experience kayaking with groups of whitewater boaters on class III. This river is class II+ and SHALLOW!
  • Must bring a CHARGED CELL PHONE and carry with you down the river
  • Be comfortable giving safety guidance/providing assistance to groups of boaters as they put on the river
  • Have swift water rescue certification and/or feel comfortable administering First Aid/CPR/open water rescues
  • Kayak the section of river you sign up for from 9:30am-3:00pm, checking on event boaters as you go, providing any safety assistance as needed and being a safety sweep
  • There will be 1-2 SAFETY KAYAK CAPTAINS for each section of river and you will want to work together



  • Be stationed at the boat ramp at whichever park site you sign up for wearing your Green Plastic Vest
  • During this time, you and up to 1 other SAFETY KAYAK CAPTAIN are assisting event boaters put on the river — making sure they each have adequate paddle sport gear, PDF, gloves, bags, and wristbands and have KEY SAFETY POINTS (see below)
  • When you arrive at 7:30am, make sure to check in with the BEACH CAPTAIN and REGISTRATION VOLUNTEERS at the registration table (this should be located right next to boat ramp), here you’ll want to sign your own waiver/get wristband, pick up your river section map, event schedule, key safety points, emergency numbers and First Aid kit (this must be returned at takeout to the takeout BEACH CAPTAIN)


  • During this time, you are expected to be kayaking the river section you signed up for and be the eyes and ears of the on-water boaters (paddling back and forth to various groups) — making sure they are following event rules: wearing PDF at all times, are cleaning up only to high water mark, are using safe practices to clean up, and are not lagging too long (all boaters should be getting to takeout at 2-2:30pm/totally off river and headed to BBQ at 3:00pm)
  • You and the other SAFETY KAYAK CAPTAIN of your river section are to be the sweep, making sure not to leave any volunteers behind and provide basic safety assistance that may be needed
  • Bring your Cell Phone!
  • American Medical Response (AMR) staff will be on site all day at each river section and providing sweep even after you
  • The onsite dispatch will be on-call and will automatically be notified if 911 is called


1) SAFETY KAYAK CAPTAINS are not guides/instructors. They are volunteers.  All boaters have responsibility for themselves. This is a Class II+ very shallow, swift moving river. KAYAK CAPTAINS will be here to provide assistance only if needed. They will be wearing Green Plastic Vests, so you can spot them. 

2) Everyone on the water must wear a PFD. PFDs must be worn within 10 feet of the water. All kayakers ought to wear a helmet.

3) Every craft, raft, kayak, canoe & drift-boat should have a whistle to be used as a signaling device. ONLY use in the event of an emergency. 

4) Be extra cautious when out of your boat. Carrying watercrafts over low rapids should be done with extreme caution. Foot entrapment is a major cause of accident on river. 

5) If you find yourself in the water keep your nose & your toes above the surface to prevent foot entrapment. 

6) Private property starts at the high water level mark. Please be respectful of private property, property owners, homeless camps, and other river users. ONLY clean river banks up to high water mark!

7) Minor scrapes, cuts & blisters can be dealt with on river. AMR (American Medical Response) will be around afterward to help administer further first aid. There will also be one kayaking AMR staff member in sit‐on‐top boats in each section (dispatched through 911). Safety Kayak Captains will have basic first aid kits on river. 

8) If there is a TRUE EMERGENCY – Call 911. Do not hesitate! 

9) Be aware of strainers, rocks, and obstacles. Crawl before you walk! 

10) Lastly, have fun! And join back up at BBQ at Barton 2-5pm.