Legacy Sculpture

"Mid Run" RiPPLe Legacy Sculpture is a public art project at Clackamette Park, which aims to promote the intersections of river restoration, recreation, stewardship and art in Oregon City, Oregon. Local artist, Ben Dye has been contracted by us to create "Mid Run"—with the help of a 2012 Metro Enhancement Grant and in partnership with the City of Oregon City.

Dye has done an amazing job working primarily with metal river debris collected by volunteers from the Clackamas River during the last years' 2012 Down the River Clean Up and Great Willamette Clean Up. The completed sculpture depicting three salmon swimming around a 25,000 pound boulder is called “Mid Run," and was installed on April 17, 2013. The sculpture is currently connecting people with an experience that tells a story about a community of river stewards, restoration, sustainability and art.

This project is in partnership with:

Metro, City of Oregon City, Clackamas County Arts Alliance, Oregon Cultural Trust, Oregon State Marine Board, Oregon City Urban Renewal, Clackamas County Marine Sheriff, Clackamas County Commission, Willamette Falls Cultural Heritage Area Coalition, National Park Service, Team River Runner, KFS Docks, Sportcraft Moorage, Airgas, Oregon Rafting Team, Team Quest, Oregon City High School, eNRG Kayaking, Erik Urdahl and Ben Dye.