As a BOATER/FLOATER VOLUNTEER you have an important role, and we truly thank you for volunteering!


  • Bring own non-motorized paddle craft (kayak, raft, tube, drift boat); space on a boat is available – please email if you would like to be matched with a boat!
  • Be able and okay with putting collected trash onto/in your boat, or to carry a garbage collection bag along with you on your tube/kayak. Garbage Scows (larger driftboats) will be on each section to collect bags from boaters/floaters as they go. We encourage groups to work together — so feel free to invite your buddies!
  • Have a PFD/life vest and all necessary gear to navigate river safely. Safety whistle highly recommended. Kayakers must wear helmets
  • Be competent and comfortable at running class II+ (shallow) whitewater
  • Be able to set your own take-out/shuttle vehicle(s) in the A.M.
  • Check-in between 7:30-9:30 A.M. at whichever park you pre-registered for (located at registration table by boat ramp. Note: McIver boaters go to lower boat ramp). Here you sign your waiver, get wristband (this is your free ticket to BBQ), get trash sorting guidelines, safety tips, etc.
  • Must be putting-on river by 9:30 A.M.
  • If plan to bring others in your craft, or to tag along, please indicate how many when pre-registering online
  • If under 18, must be accompanied by an adult
  • Bring what you need! This is a full day on the river. We recommend work/garden GLOVES, sunscreen, fast drying/wicking cloths, river shoes/sandals, warm layers, raincoat, lots of snacks, water, cell phone, dry bag with supplies, and anything else you may need!
  • Please read Event Details/Schedule fully before you arrive at your park site for the day
  • Lastly, have a blast, be safe and join us for the after volunteer BBQ from 2-5pm at Barton Park picnic area #1.