A BBQ Helpers’ main role is to provide assistance to the volunteers when they are disposing of their BBQ plates/cups/leftovers so that we can make sure we adequately compost and recycle!

We will provide signs, guidelines, receptacles, bags, plastic gloves — we just need you to help out for an hour or two during the BBQ, which takes place from 2-5pm at Barton Park (Picnic Area #1). See map of event locations here.

If you are pre-registering for this role and another volunteer role, please make sure to sign up for both when pre-registering online.

Thank you! This is an important job during this event to help us make sure we are doing are part to dispose of waste properly — this is a river clean up after all and we don’t want to contaminate our own recycling/compost.

Read complete event details here prior to event.